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Afformations and Power Questions

“Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation,
but as a question.”
– Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize winning physicist

     Have you ever wanted to change your life?  If you want to feel better about yourself and safe at school, if you want more fun in your life, more control over your business, more money to enjoy the fruits of your labor, more freedom to do the things you really want to do, more joy, happiness and peace of mind, the answer is almost certainly, "yes".


If you're like many people you may have tried:

  • Reading self-help books

  • Listening to self-improvement CD's or programs

  • Working on your communication skills

  • Writing your Goals

  • Writing or saying Affirmations


     Hey, what's that last one? A great many of us have tried using Affirmations, but found they don't really work.  Why?  Because they are statements and your mind works on questions. You've been trying to convince your mind of something it may not believe, when you should have been asking your mind to show you why it is true. Just like Google, Bing or any other search engine, your subconscious is hard-wired to answer questions.  Have you ever heard a song and tried to remember who sang it - but drew a blank? Then, an hour later, the answer just popped into your head?  Thats the power of your amazing subconscious mind in action! Your subconscious is always there and always working - why not make it work for you?


     When you ask yourself things like, "Why am I such a loser?", or "Why can't I do anything right?" your mind will begin to search and remind you of every negative thing you've ever done. Probably not a good idea if you're trying to build your self-confidence! But if you change the question and ask, "Why am I a winner?" or Why do I have so many friends?", it will also search and remind you of all the positive, good things you are and you've done. You will immediately feel the difference - and remember...What you focus on - grows!  Do you want to focus on positive, confidence building thoughts or negative, self-defeating thoughts?


Change The Questions - 

Change Your Life!


The only difference between Afformations and Power Questions is the trademark.


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