“A QUESTION can change how you see the world!” – Google

Tired of hearing yourself say things like:

Why don’t I have any friends?
Why am I always struggling?
Why am I such a loser?

Change the QUESTIONS, change your LIFE!

The Great Little Student's Book of Power Questions

  •  In this special Student’s Edition of the award-winning book, you will learn how to create the life you dream of with a simple questioning technique called Power Questions – empowering questions (not statements) that change what you focus on, and what you focus on grows! Your life will improve the minute you start reading! A MUST for every student! You will learn simple, yet incredibly powerful techniques to enable you to enjoy every step of your new, amazing life including:

    - Getting to Know Yourself – The Great Adventure
    - Fearless Public Speaking
    - Downfalls of Entitlement
    - Respecting Yourself
    - Knowing Your God – Never Being Alone Again
    - Appreciating and Enjoying Parents and Siblings
    - Power Test Taking
    - Social Media – Not Just Fun and Games
    - Bullying
    - And So Much More!     

    1-10 copies      $12.95 each
    10-25 copies    $10.00 each
    26-1,000          $8.00 each

    For any bulk purchases above 10 copies, please contact us for information on making an offline payment.