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 I was a stay-at -home wife and mom with 4 kids of my own, also taking care of 11 neighborhood children (That's right - I looked after 15 kids!)  And, as if that wasn't enough, I lived next door to my sister who had 12 children of her own.  That's 27 kids sharing 2 backyards!  And I enjoyed every minute!


     The kids grew up and I joined forces with Noah St. John, becoming the Success Clinic of America, CEO. Though I totally enjoyed writing, producing exciting products and teaching world-wide, I decided it was time I left The Success Clinic  to complete my doctorate in Pastoral Psychology and return to my heart's calling - helping kids! 


     As the founder of Succeed With Integrity, I am now able to focus on my true life's passion - working with kids to help them enjoy a  happy  and  safe  childhood  and  a  satisfying,  productive young adult life.  I am very  proud  of  my  first  book  for  students, The Great Little Student's Book of Power Questions ,  which is a 

continuation in the Afformations Series and deals with issues faced by today’s youth - with the main focus on ending Bullying!


     I’ve been working for the past few years trying to assess the bully situation, and I have felt for a long time that there was a missing piece in every program I reviewed; and that piece is the bully himself.


     Much time and effort has gone into bully awareness, anti-bullying rallies, races, wristbands, posters, T-shirts, self-defense instruction, stricter enforcement, harsher punishment, etc. While I’m sure some good has come of these, most of these movements separate the bully from the victim, the “good kids” from the “bad kids”.  Many of these methods only serve to give the bully the attention he craves, but do little to reduce incidences of bullying.


   I believe most (though not all) bullies are really just kids who are hurting so badly that they have to release their hurt and pain, so they hurt other kids.  I think we have to reach out to them as well – and at the same time protect the victim.  It’s high time we stop simply focusing on just “what” the bully is doing and concentrate on “why” he’s doing it.  We keep spending time, energy and money putting out fires when we need to figure out the reason they are being set in the first place.


    Because I believe we have to address the student as a whole, the new book deals with many issues students are facing – entitlement, knowing yourself, responsibility, family issues, self confidence, test taking and public speaking, etc – but the major issue is bullying.  I am convinced that I have found an innovative, positive and simple way to not only help the victim, but also save the bully, using a method that literally takes minutes to learn.


     The Great Little Student's Book of Power Questions contains everything a student needs to know to either improve the good life they are currently enjoying or completely turn their life around – if they are the bully or the victim.  If they are not personally entrapped in a bully situation, they will learn a simple method to help their friends who are.  I have a system to empower kids to not only help themselves, but also possibly save the life of a fellow student – and it’s actually fun.  We have the power to end bullying forever, in this generation. 


     I am the co-author of the highly popular Afformations Series, previously co-authored with Noah St. John, including The Great Little Book of Afformations (the original, best-selling book – a must for everyone), The Great Little PINK Book of Afformations (for growing your independent business i.e. Mary Kay, Melaleluca, etc), The Great Little Wellness Book of Afformations (for achieving optimal wellness in all 7 Realms of Life) and, The Great Little Green Book of Afformations (for growing your chiropractic or any natural health practice).












Succeed With Integrity


56 Mount Dustin Ave.

                                                                            Haverhill, MA  01832



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