Are you ready to take the Anti-Bullying Rap Song Challenge? First, you want to begin by getting your principal, guidance counselor, coach, club moderator or group president onboard to participate.  My suggestion is that you get a group of kids together to present your idea.  The more interest you show in the project, the more likely you are to get the OK.  Be organized and explain that your mission is to wipe out bullying and that, by participating, your school or group could help the technique go viral and spread to every student throughout your district, city, state, etc. Explain that you want to set the example and wipe out bullying in your generation - forever!  Then ask that they back your efforts by providing the prize.  You could suggest a larger cash prize, if you have a group working together on one entry, or a lesser amount for an individual, or any other prize the school or organization feels is appropriate. If they agree, you might want to suggest a school rally or club meeting to explain what you're doing and get everyone excited to participate.  The more kids participate, the more fun you will have and the quicker bullying will be eliminated!


     If your school or organization doesn't have the funds for the prize, or if you'd like to win an even bigger prize, you could send flyers and rally school parents to donate the prize money.  Got even bigger ideas?  You an also go to companies and corporations and ask them to donate.  When you tell them that your mission is to wipe out bullying and also help the bully to be a better person, I have no doubt they will be happy to donate.  A sporting goods store may not want to give cash, but they might be happy to donate a pair of sneakers to each member of the winning entry.  Gaming stores might want to donate a game or similar item to each winner, etc. Be ceative and respectful when requesting donations and always show your gratitude for whatever they offer to donate.  Remember, it's not about the prize - it's about the mission.  The prize just adds to the fun.


     You say you have even bigger ambitions or you'd like to offer a first and second place prize?  If anyone you know has contacts with sports teams like the Red Sox, Yankees, Patriots, Cowboys, Lakers, Tigers, or any other team, challenge them to support your efforts.  They might offer tickets to a game for each winner. The amount of your prize is only limited by the amount of work you are willing to put into getting it.  You can also ask them to purchase books for your school to get even more kids on board and on their way to a bully-free life!


     If you know anyone in radio or TV, see if you can have them mention what you're doing on air, or even have you go on and talk about what your plans are.  They may be able to help raise money to support your group or school's efforts.  The ideas are limitless!


    Are you good at writing - maybe the school editor or English major - or just want to try your hand? How about writing a column explaining that you are looking for donations for your challenge, and submitting it to your newspaper, with pictures of students making signs that say that you plan to wipe out bullying in your generation by using the four little lines:  

That's not cool, Man  

You're better than that.  

Get some help,  

That's where it!

I think newspapers are looking for positive things to print and this could help you get donations.  Be creative!  


     You could also have a can collection weekend.  Have students stand outside of businesses in your area with cans to collect money for the prize.  If you make posters showing what you are working for, I'm sure your donations will increase.  Make sure you clear this with your organizers and the establishments before you decide to do this.  Once you have the OK, get as many students involved as possible.


     Whatever you decide to do to get donations, you should have the donor make out the check to your school or organization and mark on it what it is for.  Any donations received should to be turned in to the school or a parent/sponsor  in charge so they can award the prize to the winner.  Any cash donations also have to be recorded and turned in for safe keeping.  You might want to have teachers, coaches, or parents co-ordinate any cash drives you decide to do.


     Post this site to all your social media.  Let your friends in other schools know what you are doing and have them take the challenge as well.  The more you can spread the word, the more fun you will have; and, even more importantly, the sooner we can eliminate bullying forever.