Our mission is to enable every  student to have a safe, happy and positive educational experience as well as the tools necessary for a life of integrity, prosperity, satisfaction, producivity, peace of mind and happiness.  I don't know of one parent, educator, politician or individual who wouldn't want this for every child.  

     Yet, so many of our kids are growing up dissatisfied because of a growing sense of entitlement, confused and restless because they don't know how to take responsibility for their actions, alone and desperate because they haven't been taught to believe and trust in a Higher Power, lacking motivation or uncertain about their future because they don't even know who they are or what they are capable of, and many times scared to go to school because they are being intimidated or may even fear for their life because of bullying.

   Many of our extremely talented young adults are graduating from college with little motivation or excitement as they face their future. They may have all the technical knowledge they need to succeed, but are lacking the drive and self confidence, so they return home and live with their parents well into their twenties.

    At Succeed With Integrity we believe, for an education to  be  complete  and  balanced,  in  addition  to  technical

knowledge, we must give students the tools necessary to enable them to live a happy, productive and fulfilling life.

     It is vital that we reach out to students everywhere and encourage them learn  a simple technique that has been proven to help thousands of individuals to turn their lives around.  In addition, we need to enable schools to support students in taking the YouTube Anti-Bullying Song Challenge that will most certainly go viral and save thousands of lives.

     It seems many of the school districts that are most in need of help, because of high incidences of crime or bullying, are the ones with the least amount of funds to purchase the books that would be so beneficial to their students.  Our mission is to get as many books distributed to these schools as possible. With your help, we can make this a reality today!

     Your donations would not only mean emotional peace of mind but maybe even save the lives of victims of bullying; and also enable the bully to turn his life around as well. Funds would go to purchasing books to be distributed to the most high-risk school districts and continuing our efforts to putting an end to bullying forever!


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Succeed With Integrity
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