Please join us to put an end to Bullying once and for all!  We are challenging all great musical celebrities to come together to perform "Better Than That" - The Anti-Bullying Song, posted on this site! Our mission is to make as big an impact on Bullying Victims and Bullies as "We Are The World" had on the African Famine victims, and we need your help!  Many of our kids are dying on the inside and too many are even taking their own lives!  We have the song and the message, and we need your talent! You are the example kids need to see, to know that it will end and it will get better! Both, bullies and victims, need to know that there is hope!  Many of you have been victims and you can also be the solution!  

         THE BOOK

​Our mission is to get The Great Little Student's Book of Power Questions into the hands of every student on this planet. We can't wait another minute!  Every minute that passes could mean another student in danger. Give kids the opportunity to be the difference!  Great discounts to schools, corporations or organizations who would like to help with this mission!


It is so imperative that schools and universities get onboard to promote the easy - to - learn method to stop bullying today, to encourage students to take the Anti-Bullying YouTube Challenge and to work with students to find funding for books and also prize money for winners of the Anti-Bullying Challenge. In addition, promoting and encouraging students to practice the technique and take the challenge, through school sites and in printed materials would help reach more students more quickly!


This is the most fun part! Go to your Principal, Guidance Counselor, Club Sponsor, or Parent and let them know you want to take the challenge.  Use the "Better Than That" - the Anti-Bullying rap song- from this site and record your own version of it.  Put it on YouTube and try to get as many "likes" as possible to win the prize. Link your entry to all your social media sites. There are more details on the Anti-Bullying Challenge Page!

       Be Really Creative and Have Fun!

                 BE the difference!


Learn how to stop bullying - it literally takes minutes to learn - then teach your friends.  Ask your faculty if they will teach it at an assembly or let you and your friends demonstrate how it works.  Tell kids in other schools about it and commit to doing it.  You may not be a victim today, but you would want someone to help if you were one tomorrow.  Kids sticking together against bullying and also helping the bully turn their life around - can and will work!  Be part of the solution!


So many of you have already gotten onboard in the campaign against bullying and this is your opportunity to use your awesome influence and put an end to it right now!  Please help make kids aware of the Anti-bullying Challenge by promoting the song, "Better Than That"; and letting them know where to get the music and how to take the challenge. Help it goes viral and save lives! You could make all the difference! Please consider posting the info on your site to really spread the word!




​Bullying is even more prevalent in the inner cities where many of the schools are working with limited budgets. You can help stop bullying by purchasing books to be donated where they are most needed, and/or donating money, or tickets to events to be used as prizes to encourage kids to take the Anti-bullying Song Challenge.  Your influence can save so many lives! In addition, please consider posting the info on your sites. No child is "disposable" and we need your help to reach every one!