“A QUESTION can take you anywhere!”  – Google 

Tired of hearing yourself say things like:

“Why isn’t my practice growing fast enough?
Why is my life such a struggle?
Why do I feel frustrated and alone?”

Change the QUESTIONS, change your LIFE!

The Great Little Green Book of Afformations

  • In this special Chiropractic and Natural Health Edition of the original award-winning book, you’ll learn how to transform your life and your practice using a simple questioning technique called AFFORMATIONS – empowering questions (not “affirmations”) that change what you focus on – and what you focus on, grows! Working with top professionals across the country, the authors identified The 10 Critical Factors for Success in growing your practice. This little book works wonders for Chiropractors as well as any  other type of Natural Health Care Professional.   The author will walk you through every step of creating a thriving practice, including:

    - Starting Out
    - Finding Your Purpose
    - Building Your Practice With Integrity
    - Patient Appreciation
    - Overcoming Fear and Frustration
    - Attracting Centers of Influence
    - Financial Abundance & Prosperity
    - Balancing Faith, Family and Career
    - Influencing Your Community – Giving Back
    - And So Much More!

    You’ll discover new questions that will empower you to have more control, more freedom, and more abundance in every area of your life and business.

    1-10 copies      $10.95 each
    10-25 copies    $10.00 each
    26-1,000          $8.00 each

    For any bulk purchases above 10 copies, please contact us for information on making an offline payment.