“A QUESTION is the most powerful force in the world!"  – Google

Tired of hearing yourself say things like:

“Why is my life such a struggle?
Why can’t I find someone to love?
Why don’t I have enough time or money?”

Change the QUESTIONS, change your LIFE!

The Great Little Book of Afformations

  • In this new, updated edition of the original award-winning book, you’ll learn how to transform your  your life using a simple questioning technique called AFFORMATIONS – empowering questions (not “affirmations”) that change what you focus on, and what you focus on grows! The author will guide you through every area of your life including:

    - Health
    - Wealth
    - Body Image
    - Conquering Fear
    - Life and Happiness
    - Overcoming Bad Habits & Addictions
    - Love & Relationships
    - Work & Career
    - And So Much More!     

    You’ll discover new questions that will empower you to have more control, more freedom, and more abundance in every area of your life.

    1-10 copies      $12.95 each
    10-25 copies    $10.00 each
    26-1,000          $8.00 each

    For any bulk purchases above 10 copies, please contact us for information on making an offline payment.