“A QUESTION can start you on an adventure!”  – Google

Tired of hearing yourself say things like:

“Why don’t I have enough money?
Why is it so hard to get new customers?
Why do I feel so stuck?”

Change the QUESTIONS, change your LIFE!

The Great Little Pink Book of Afformations

  • This book introduces a powerful new tool that will transform your career – a questioning technique called AFFORMATIONS. Afformations are empowering questions (not statements) that change what you focus on, and what you focus on grows!  An absolute MUST for anyone interested in growing their independent business.  Learn powerful techniques on:

    - Leadership
    - Selling and Booking
    - Organization and Delegation
    - Goal Setting
    - CoachingRecruiting
    - Self-Confidence and Self Image
    - Balancing Faith, Family and Career
    - Referrals
    - And So Much More!

    You’ll discover new questions that will empower you to have more control, more freedom, and more abundance in every area of life.

    1-10 copies      $14.95 each
    10-25 copies    $10.00 each
    26-1,000          $8.00 each

    For any bulk purchases above 10 copies, please contact us for information on making an offline payment.