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             Welcome to Succeed With Integrity!


Created by Denise Berard, Author and Motivational Speaker, SWI is on a mission - to eliminate the Bullying problem from the root - helping the victim while giving the bully the opportunity to turn their life around.  It CAN be done - and it can be FUN!  Together we can teach students  a completely new and dynamic approach, that will empower them to diffuse a bully situation safely and give the bully a chance to stop the negative behavior.  

The Little Book with  

     the Big Answers!

This is the book everyone is raving about! Jam packed with everything you need to   know about:

Power Test Taking  and Fearless Publc Speaking,

         Self Confidence,          

Never Feeling Alone Again,

          Responsibility,            Entitlement, 

and the BIGGIE...

Bullying and Social Media!

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